Thursday, June 22, 2017

Forest Grove Unit 2017 Fire Crew

Fire Danger Potential for the Weekend of June 24th

With the increase in temperatures that are expected to impact the state starting Friday and through the weekend, we hope to make the public, and our cooperators, aware of the impact that the heat will have on our wildland fire environment.
The fuel moistures will lower into the 90th percentile range once again which means that our fuels will be more susceptible for fire ignitions. In addition, we are expected to see an increase in off-shore winds in conjunction with the high temperatures. When we see an increase in off-shore winds (or East Winds as firefighters call them) fire potential increases significantly because it brings in a much drier air-mass from the Cascades, along with more erratic and gusty winds. Typical winds come from the Northwest and provide a moister air-mass that typically comes from the Pacific Ocean and provide more moderate wind speeds. We will also see a decrease in Relative Humidity which also aligns with an increase in Fire Potential and Fire Behavior due to the East Wind occurrence through Sunday.

Our first, and most important, priority is to ensure the protection of the public and our firefighters during critical fire weather events. The best way to ensure that we can provide for the safety of everyone is to prevent a fire from ever occurring. Please be careful and take extra precaution this weekend.

We hope you all enjoy your weekend and stay safe!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Woodcutting Permits

FRIDAY - 6/2/17
     Last day to purchase a wood cutting permit until the fall season. Permits purchased on Friday will be good for the standard 3 week duration.

Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 Fire Season Status Summary

With the recent prolonged exposure to dry weather, the vegetation (both live and dead) in in the surrounding areas are now more susceptible to fire spread than our historical averages for this time of year. As indicated by the table below we are well below our average for the 100-Hour Fuel Moistures (vegetation both live and dead that are sized 1” to 3” in diameter) which is a big contributor for fire spread this time of year in Northwest Oregon. Another metric used to evaluate daily and hourly fire danger is the term Ignition Component. Ignition component is a number which relates the probability that a fire will result if a firebrand is introduced into a fine fuel complex and require suppression action. Again, the table below indicates that our ignition component is much higher than normal for this time of the year. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday indicate that our predicted 100-Hour Fuel Moistures will be at their 90th Percentile already.

In summation, despite our wet winter weather, our fire potential has recovered significantly enough to cause a concern of a wildland fire threat through the weekend. We hope you all have a fun, safe, and fire-safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yamhill County Forestland Classification


When:           May 11th and 31st, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
Location:       McMinnville Fire Department
                     175 SE First Street
                     McMinnville, OR 97128

When:           June 29th, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
Location:      West Valley Fire Department
                     825 NE Main Street
                     Willamina, OR 97396

When:           July 18, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
Location:       Carlton Fire Department
                     343 W Roosevelt St.
                     Carlton, OR 97111 

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) provides protection on forest and grazing lands through a public-private partnership, funded by landowners and the state. Some of the private portion is collected through per-parcel fees. The state provides dollars through its General Fund, in recognition of the broader public role in wildfire protection. The committee will examine all lands within the Yamhill County, classifying lands as "Forestland" or "Not Forestland" according to fire risk potential, vegetation type (fire fuel), community structure, and proximity to other forestland. The committee's efforts will help resolve issues pertaining to ODF's fire suppression role on forestlands and adjacent lands, and will become the basis used to assess the lands for the costs of wildland fire protection.

At the informational meetings, landowners and the public can learn about the history, process and current status of the project.

For further information contact:
Department of Forestry, Forest Grove District Office - (503) 357-2191