Friday, January 29, 2016

Yamhill Forestland Classification

McMinnville, Ore. – The Northwest Oregon and West Oregon Forest Protective Associations, through the Oregon Department of Forestry, are responsible for wildland fire protection on public and private forestland from fire across the state, and provide this service in Yamhill County within the Forest Protection Districts. A formal classification project to review and determine which lands within these protection district boundaries are considered forestland and are provided wildland fire protection is now underway. To facilitate this process, the Yamhill County Commissioners authorized and appointed a Forestland Classification Committee comprised of members of the public, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Oregon Department of Forestry, and the Oregon State Extension Office.        
The committee will examine all lands within Yamhill County, classifying lands as "forestland" or "not forestland” according to fire risk potential, vegetation type (fire fuel), community structure, and proximity to other forestland.  The committee's efforts will help resolve issues pertaining to ODF’s fire suppression role on forestlands and adjacent lands, and will become the basis used to assess the lands for the costs of wildland fire protection.

Yamhill County landowners and the public will have opportunities at upcoming public meetings to learn more about the history, process, and current status of the project. Upon completion of its work, the committee will present the results of the forestland classification project, identifying forestland in the county to be assessed for fire protection by the Oregon Department of Forestry.