Friday, August 4, 2017

NW-02, and NW-03 to got to IFPL 3 on Thursday, August 3st at 0100 hrs.

The following restrictions also apply at Industrial Fire Precaution Level 3:

·         Non-industrial use of chain saws is prohibited in areas subject to Industrial Fire Precaution Levels III and IV.
·         Use of motor vehicles, including motorcycles and all terrain vehicles, is prohibited, except on improved roads and designated trails.
    • Exception: Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) are permitted in the following areas under Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) 1 and 2 and prohibited under IFPL 3 and 4:
                                          i.    State Forest Land: Jordan Creek Basin, Rogers Basin, Trask Basin, Diamond Mill OHV Area, and Nicolai Mountain OHV Area.
                                        ii.    BLM: Nestucca Motorcycle Trail Area within the Northwest and West Oregon Forest Protection Districts. Note: A small portion of the Nestucca Trail Area is located within WO-1. For this purpose only, this area will follow NW-3 Fire Regulations.
                                                            iii.      OHV Designated Areas Map (Tillamook Forest)
                                    iv:   OHV Designated Areas Map (Clatsop Forest)