Sunday, August 20, 2017

Raven's Ridge Fire update

Windy conditions continued to pushed the fire downhill through rugged and steep terrain, starting another spot fire further downslope. Personnel on scene were able to quickly respond and contain the spot fire at approximately 1 acre. Fire activity was minimal as the night progressed, allowing hand crews  to completely line both the main fire and the spot fire. As of this post, fire activity was limited to creeping, with some of the heavier fuels still burning in the center. Estimated acreage is between 15-20 acres. Goals for today's shift is 100% mop up of the spot fire, and continued work in the main fire. Ground crews are anticipated to be working through the night this evening, as well.

Regarding the eclipse, so far, the eclipse zone has been quieter than expected. Public use on the Tillamook Forest is also less than expected. Additional patrols were scheduled, in advance, for the weekend leading up to, as well as, the day of the eclipse. This, fortunately, allowed us a quick response time while still maintaining Fire Prevention patrols throughout the district. Continue to be safe while visiting the forests this busy weekend, and report any unsafe practices or hazards that are seen.

Enjoy the Eclipse!