Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fire Season to start in the Northwest Oregon Area on Tuesday, June 26th

Fire Season will be effective: June 26, 2018 at 0100 for NW Oregon Forest Protection Association. 

Closure Type (Fire Season, Regulated Use, IFPL): IFPL I for NWOFPA (NW-1, NW-2, and NW-3) 

This is likely not a surprise to most of you given the conditions that we have seen over the last month.  Currently, our large fuel (1000 hr) moistures are similar to what we would normally see in early to mid-July and the Energy Release Component (ERC) is already above what we would see in the peak of an average fire season.

All our seasonal firefighters have started and we will begin 7 days a week staffing next week.  I’m sure many of you have already started moving your firefighting equipment to operations. 

On behalf of the three District Foresters, we appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a safe and productive fire season.

Kate, Dan and Scott