Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions During Regulated Use Closures

With the thermometer near the 100º mark at least a couple of days this week.   Our fire danger is already high and our Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) is at a Level 2.  We have been experiencing a high call volume with questions about regulated use restrictions, particularly how to find out if the OHV trails are open, so here are some FAQs:


What do I have to bring with me to the woods?

  • All vehicles traveling on gravel roads through the State Forest must carry one full-size shovel and either 1 gallon of water or one operational 2.5 lb fire extinguisher.  Quads and motorcycles do not have to carry these items but the vehicles used to bring them into the woods must be outfitted with a shovel and either the water or fire extinguisher.

What about campfires?

  • Campfires are currently only allowed in the metal fire pits installed by the Oregon Department of Forestry at fee campgrounds, designated day use areas and in designated campsites.  This can change at anytime.

How do I know if the trails are open?

  • All closures are tied to Industrial Fire Precaution Levels (IFPL) and will be posted on right hand sidebar of the Tillamook State Forest Blog ( http://tillamookstateforest.blogspot.com ).

  • The OHV Trail status is above the fire danger meter and the IFPL level is below the fire danger meter.
  • Closure information will also be posted on the OHV Trails tab of the Tillamook State Forest Blog (http://tillamookstateforest.blogspot.com/p/ohv-trails.html ) under the title “TSF OHV Trail Status”.

  • For designated OHV Trails in the Browns Camp, Jordan Creek, Diamond Mill, Trask and BLM Upper Nestucca Riding Areas:
    • IFPL 1 & IFPL 2 = Trails are OPEN
    • IFPL 3 = Trails are CLOSED, riding is restricted to maintained gravel roads in the designated OHV areas listed above
    • IFPL 4 = All riding (trails & roads) CLOSED
  • For designated Non-Motorized Trails in the Tillamook State Forest
    • IFPL 1 & IFPL 2 = Trails are OPEN
    • IFPL 3 = Trails are OPEN but additional restrictions may be in place
    • IFPL 4 = All trails CLOSED
As always, if you have any questions feel free to call the office before you head out.  (503.357.2191)  Office hours are Mondays - Friday 8a - 5pm.