Monday, August 24, 2015

8/24/15 August Fire morning update

Crews worked overnight and established a fire line around the fire. They also ran a hose line all the way around the fire.  The size is currently 26 acres.

Much of the fire is in a 15 year old forest and burned incompletely. There is a lot of fuel for the fire inside the fireline, and we expect the interior will burn more today. The priority for the firefighters will be to maintain the fire inside the line, strengthen the control lines, and work to get operations off of highway 26.

We anticipate highway 26 will be closed all day and will reassess this afternoon about the evening and overnight time period. Unfortunately, the fire burned right up to the highway and there are few options to get fire equipment away from the highway.  Working with ODOT, we will open the highway as soon as it is safe for the firefighters and for the public.