Friday, August 31, 2018


With continued dry conditions, the Oregon Department of Forestry reminds outdoor recreationists to be careful not to let a wildfire spoil Labor Day weekend fun.  Large wildfires continue to burn in various regions throughout the state and firefighting resources are at a premium.  Everyone is encouraged to do their part to prevent human-caused fires.   Please follow these simple reminders:
  • Know Before You Go:  Campfires are only allowed in designated campgrounds in designated fire pits (ie. Gales Creek, Elk Creek, Browns Camp and Reehers Campgrounds).  Campfires in the forests outside of these designated campgrounds are NOT ALLOWED.  
  • Within our fire protection district, even a small fire at home with family and friends gathered, requires a burn permit.  Call Dispatch at 503-359-7424 to set up an appointment for inspection by a forest officer before a burn permit can be issued.   For all homeowners outside our protection district, check with your local fire department regarding local rules and regulations.
  • If fires are allowed, make sure they are always attended and put out completely before calling it a night and before leaving the campsite. 
  • Keep smoking confined to approved areas and never toss any burning material from vehicles.
  • Make sure your mode of transportation is in good working condition (exhaust systems, catalytic converters, coolant levels, etc) and never idle over dry grass or drive off road through dry vegetation.  If towing a trailer, make sure chains are tight and kept from dragging on the ground to prevent throwing sparks. 
  • Target shooting should be done in safe areas with targets placed on dirt or gravel away from grass, rotten stumps and other flammable material.  The use of exploding targets and tracer ammunition, known for starting fires, is not allowed. 
The recent cooler temperatures and shorter days can easily lull people into a sense that there is less fire danger.  However, forest fuels are still very dry.  We still need everyone to be vigilant and prepared.   Meanwhile, we hope everyone will enjoy and celebrate Labor Day weekend safely.